All goods are registered on our collection/delivery sheets on collection, monitored continuously while on transit and are finally signed for at the point of delivery. A Proof of Delivery (POD) is thereafter made available to our respective clients.

Our staffs are well trained to treat our customers and their goods with respect and confidentiality while guaranteeing full commitment and dedication in the delivery of services. Our aim is to attract and retain clients through the efficiency and quality of our service and to continuously review our services in order to ensure they receive the best value for money in the market.

Integrity of Our Staff and Their Work Schedule

Depending on the amount of work available we may place one or several couriers at your disposal. We expect the courier(s) to report to your offices as per your needs to collect mail which will then be forwarded to our central office, from where it will be delivered to the various destinations. Mail transfer to our central office avails to you more than just those couriers that are allocated to your office and ensures faster and more efficient handling. We maintain contact with the couriers throughout in order to continuously monitor the progress of mail on transit.

To ensure that the business protocols and troubleshooting techniques are being handled in the most efficient manner, our goal is to maintain a friendly working relationship with our customers, and to make them confident and secure with our services.

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